Soil Revegetation


Our sister company – Nurture Revegetation has developed leading technology to embed native seeds in a protective clay pellet enhanced with stimulants.


This process has significant advantages over traditional raw seed revegetation options in regards to seed persistence, plant establishment and the logistics of the delivery of seeds to site for revegetation.

Nurture Revegetation has developed a pelleting process to improve the logistics of seed delivery and the survival and recruitment of seeds and seedlings. We have also been working with Kings Park Botanical Authority to enhance the input to achieve optimal outcomes.


Seeds embedded in solid carriers can improve seed establishment rates. Seeds are added to a bentonite clay mix and extruded into pellets with various levels of size reduction. Additives to enhance survival are included in the clay mix and tailored to the targeted environment. 


Many of the seeds used in revegetation of arid lands, especially the various grasses, herbaceous plants and small shrubs are very small, less than 1mm, with a very low seed mass. On bare soils these seeds can be blown or washed away from target areas with subsequent low germination. Small seeds are also subject to predation by insects, particularly ants. Small seeds need adequate and sustained moisture to complete the germination process and get roots established; the seed embedding matrix can assist by retaining moisture in the seed micro-zone.

The finished pellets can be sown by hand or air dropped, with improved survival prospects for revegetation and rehabilitation of mining, agricultural and other degraded lands.


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