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Our Companies

Our Companies
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Watheroo Minerals has large deposits of high grade calcium bentonite at mine site at Watheroo in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

The solution for harsh and arid environment revegetation – Nurture Revegetation has carefully developed a bentonite clay pellet with embedded native seeds specifically for the revegetation of harsh arid environments.


Plant growth in arid zones face difficulties with logistics of seed distribution due to seed predation, seed loss by wind and rain, and difficulties of seed establishment in exposed, bare soils.

Rehabilitation of modified landforms resulting from mining activities is a legal obligation on mining companies. This is an expensive process requiring large investments in earthworks to create stable structures that can withstand heavy rainfall events and to replace topsoil that can support the revegetation required for the long-term physical stability and ecosystem functions.

Scott’s Watheroo Dolomite products are carefully prepared to ensure a low moisture and easily spreadable product is supplied. Having produced and supplied Dolomite for 15 years, Scott’s Watheroo Dolomite best marketing has always been their long time regular customers. 

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