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Damseal Application



The application of DamSeal to repair leaky dams should ideally be carried out when the dam is dry.

1. Method 1 for effluent ponds or water storage dams

The surface of the soil should be cut back by 300mm and DamSeal spread at the required application rate. The soil which has been cut back can then be respread over the DamSeal and compacted or rolled.

Slopes on which DamSeal is placed should not exceed a steepness of 3 horizontal to 1 vertical.

2. Method 2 alternative for effluent ponds with granular soils

DamSeal should be thoroughly mixed with insity soil or fill material at the recommended application rate. The DamSeal/soil mix should then be moisture conditioned with moisture content of +2% of optimum and the mix spread and compacted to 95% maximum dry density (AS1289.5.1.1-1993). It is recommended the DamSeal/soil mix be placed in 2 layers not exceeding 150mm.

  1. Locate position on the upstream face of the dam directly in line with leakage / seepage on the downstream side of the dam.

  2. Apply granulated DamSeal to the surface of the water in the dam directly upstream of the area where seepage or leakage has been noted.

  3. As an alternative, mix DamSeal with water to form a slurry. Then using a pipe placed into the dam pour the slurry into the pipe which acts as a "tremie pipe" to allow the slurry to flow to the base of the dam.

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