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WA's premier supplier of high grade Bentonite Clay


Our high quality Benotinite Clay is a natural organic a soil improver and soil wetter.


Our Bentonite has an amazing number of applications in the industrial and agricultural industry.


Bentonite’s adsorption and absorption properties are very useful for wastewater purification.

Bentonite WA is Western Australian’s premier supplier of high quality Calcium Bentonite – they are 100% WA owned and operated.

Often called “The Miracle Clay”, Bentonite is a pure and natural organic product which can be used for a wide range of domestic garden and industrial applications.


Our Watheroo mine site in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia has large deposits of high grade Bentonite clays and our proximity to Perth and the South West means we can reliably supply Bentonite to local householders, landscapers, horticulturalists and agriculture.

Bentonite clay has applications in a wide range of industries like Agriculture, Mining, Food Processing, Fabrication and even natural beauty treatments!

"I prefer to use Bentonite Clay rather than kaolin clays because it has greater water retention capacity and a higher CEC (cation exchange capacity) resulting in higher fertiliser retention. Bentonite clay added with organic matter into sandy soils greatly reduces water repellency and increases nutrient holding."
Sabrina Hahn, WA Gardening Identity
"Adding Bentonite clay is a smart way to create a garden for a lifetime"
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