Meat Processing

cows-001smBentonite clay is used extensivement in treatment processes for recovery of usable fats, tallow and protein from meat processing, food processing and dairy product processing industries.

a) Removal and recovery of fats and proteins from waste waters

  • Belntonite clay has a very high binding capacity for proteins in water.
  • This means that not only proteins can be recovered from complex mixtures of products and reused or disposed of as appropriate but significant savings in the cost of disposing if "loaded" waste water are realised.

b) Removal and recovery of tallow and proteins from stickwater and other waste waters from rendering and animal by-products industries

Bentonite clay in combination with natural flocculants is able to remove fats and proteins from abattoir wastewaters.

  • Watheroo bentonite is GRAS status, so are considered suitable for inclusion in animal feeds.
  • Natural polymer and food grade additives are added to bentonite cay to enhance adsorption of fats and other valuable compounds, and to flocculate the clay
  • The recovered fats and proteins are mixed with bentonite clay and additives which means the recovered solids are suitable for inclusion in animal feeds and/or further processed to recover valuable components.
  • This process ensures that wastewaters are treated which can lead to substancial savings in disposal of "loaded" waster water, whilst at the same time proteins and fats in waste stream are recovered.
  • These give economic values to waste materials that otherwise are disposed of to costly landfill.

Bentonite Products WA Watheroo Bentonite is the main component of Floc-It.