Fruit, Vegetable, and Food Processing Waste Waters

Waste waters from processing and manufacture of food products can contain significant quantities of high quality fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients.

  • These contribute to very high biological oxygen demand (BOD) of discharge waters.
  • It is also a waste of potential resource if these products are disposed of to landfill or waste ponds.
  • Our calcium bentonite clays have a very high affinity for both fats and proteins.
  • Bentonite clays can be combined with appropriate flocculants to facilitate rapid separation and concentration of useful products from food processing waste waters.
  • Bentonite clays are suitable for use in stock feeds, when feed grade flocculants are used the products can be used in stock feeds or other applications.
  • This enables effective treatment of water to reduce BOD and also concentrates and recovers products so that they can be used productively.

Bentonite Products WA Watheroo Bentonite is the main component of Floc-It.